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Fluid Film Depierro Lawns 2011
The second picture is the bed of my truck after the dump insert was taken out. I sprayed it in the beginning of the season and it's been through grass, dust, leaves, dirt, snow, rain, etc. There is a ton of dirt in there, but the fluid film is still strong. I later pressure washed out the dirt and the bed was still slick with Fluid Film! The mechanics at the trailer place are not fans of Fluid Film after I coated the bolts and nuts the night before I brought it in because they said sometimes they get really rusted on and are hard to get off. Sooooo I made sure that didn't happen plus the whole bed was coated so they were covered in it! They were pissed...It was great!

These are after I cleaned the truck, I gave it a coat of fluid film rubbed in with an old shirt. It shined up the chrome, the black plastic, and buffed the paint. It looked like a new truck when I was done!
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