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Originally Posted by DLAWNS View Post
Whoa Whoa Whoa...disclaimer time!

****If applying fluid film to gutters do not get it on your ladder or on roof shingles as you WILL fall slip and fall causing serious injury or death!****
nice one! we aint had a good disclaimer in a while

Originally Posted by lotsagrass View Post
That bites. Fortunately when we built our house in 96, we put the heating oil tank in the basement so it's always nice and warm...and easy maintenance. I feel for those that have to have their tank outdoors in bitter cold.
every year on the news there's at least one story where the oil guy unknowingly pumped the basement full of a few hundred gallons of oil because the homeowner took the tank out but never removed the filler neck

with the ice storms i wasn't able to get back there to check on it til recently so i can't say if it's helping but i can say the ff sure is sticking around
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