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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
Sorry Tom but those practises are not advisable on such a tall wall. Maybe you should just stick to excavating and hire someone who properly knows how to do installs.
Thanks for the advice Iíll keep that in mind. I know Iím only 23 years old and I donít know everything nor do I pretend to know everything and that is why have said I donít mind criticism. But based on your last few posts Iíd say you were trying to start a pissing match. Now I know Iím new to this forum but Iím pretty sure it wasnít created to make sly comments and to bash other peoples work. If youíre going to make a comment about the work being shown at least back it up and give a suggestion on what can be done differently or maybe ask some questions so you actually know the full story behind the project, because I do think this forum was created to help people out. So unless youíre actually going to make intelligent comments/criticisms I would ask that you please not make comments on my thread.

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