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Leggs- Unfortunately we don't own the building. I dont plan on staying there for too long. I'd like to do more but it be pointless. I wanted to do a loft down one side and pegboard on the other side to hang tools on.

Lawncare18- For mowers we run walkers and scags. Trimmers and blowers are shindawa and redmax. We mow about 100 accounts. Id say our business is 60% maintenance and 40% landscape construction. Right now anyways. When it snows we normally just us the trucks. We are the only part of MA that didn't get dumped on this winter. haha go figure.

KE- your right for the most part haha. I got the one ton over a year ago. I just got the color changed from forest green to blue and silver. It was suppose to get lettered Friday...didn't happen. hopefully soon. I'm looking for a larger truck this year. I'm thinking a truck with a switch N go. You can only work out of a pick up for so long.

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