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I suppose I should say some stuff about my self. Iv been a member of this site since 08 but as you all can see I haven't been very active. I'll be 21 in 2 weeks. Iv been landscaping since I was 11. Started with a push mower and grew from there. I went to a technical high school for horticulture and spent some time with a couple other landscapers. For college I attended the school of hard knocks. Very expensive haha. J.Z.Smith Landscaping has been a legitimate landscape company since 2008. Every thing I have, I've worked for. I have 6 great employees and the best equipment I could find. I've found my self in the office more and more coming up with ways to better our company but I suppose that's one of the signs of progress. I'm always open to finding better ways to do things and adopting other peoples good ideas. I look forward to talk to any one and every one. Frankly facebook is getting kind of boring.
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