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Originally Posted by Cape Atlantic Landscaping View Post
no matter what company's mini loader you decide to get a deisal unit would be the best choice. You can do alot more and it will last alot more work hours.
more power is always better. We currently own a 20 horse kubota deisal unit (Kanga ) and love it.
If you live in an area with muddy or super sandy situations a track machine might be better
I agree with the track opinion.

I would have to disagree (and I'm sure a lottttt of people on here will think I'm an idiot) with having a diesel unit and I'll explain.

I have a 27 horse Kohler in my S600TX and yes it is a little wussy compared to the 27 horse Kubota that Vermeer offers, but not once have I ever wished that I needed more power.

The 27 horse kohler hasn't let me down, and the only thing that I wished I had was the mini to weigh more so I could move pallets, but a forkster is my next purchase or build to solve that problem.

Now, I will say in all fairness that if my motor goes on me at any point, I will be replacing it with a newer 36 horse Kohler just to upgrade it.
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