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Originally Posted by Stillwater View Post
As long as your ideas and plans are of solid design you should have no problem what so ever finding a contractor to construct what you want.
I know you don't want to dive into details but after you clearly communicated your need and desire for a specific feature Incorporated into the pond design, I am curious as to what they said to you and their rational for showing continued reluctance to give you what you want. Successful contractors stay successful by giving the client what they want or a variation of what they want. If several contractors you spoke with all showed reluctance to a drain then perhaps it was a desgine issue, communication issue or a budgetary one or maybe the chosen location. Why no drain
There are a lot of people on the island who like to get repeat business by coming out every year to service your pond. The excuse most commonly heard is that they don't do it because they tend to leak and they cannot guarantee that will not happen. Clearly, in my opinion, these guys are not adequately experienced in doing the bottom drains. Some of these same ones don't recommend bead filters. I want the pond to be as maintenance free as possible. Vortex and bead filters with agitaror pumps are teh most easy to clean. I have a pond now that has no bottom filter and I vacuum it (using a homemade siphon vacuum) 2-3 times a year. The pond I want would be roughly 12 x 18' free form. Anyone who does it right has quoted me between 20-30,000.00 which is FAR more than I can afford.
I will contact those mentioned by Pondmeister as well.

Thanks folks!
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