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I use a bunch of apps on my website. allows people to schedule their own appointments online. It sends me a text message to my phone when they do, so I know where to go. It also takes the credit card info for me. allows customers to leave reviews on my website. I get an email message when they do, and I can approve or deny the posting of it. is a simple free way to make a mobile website.

and the one I think is the coolest? - automatically detects if the person going to your website is on a desktop computer, cell phone, Iphone, Ipad, etc. You can send people to different versions of your website depending on each devices typical resolution, etc. This also allows me to only have to use 1 web address (my normal one).. the end user never knows they are being routed, regardless of the device they are using. Very cool! As a matter of fact, if someone types in my mobile website address by mistake from a desktop computer, it knows they are on a desktop and takes them to the proper place.

I am always looking for new stuff, and I will let you know if I find anything else!
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