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Originally Posted by Keepin' It Green View Post
I heard Toro and Exmark come off the same assembly line. Whether Toro owns Exmark or Exmark owns Toro all depends on which dealership your at and which product they carry. Looks like the biggest difference between the two is the deck. Good luck with whichever you go with!
Exmark was independently owned and operated and sold in the 90's (96? I think...idk...) to toro.

The arrangement was mostly to keep up with production and to give toro another piece of the market to sell to. Most of the Toro and Exmark stuff is the same when you look at the different components. Same wheel pumps, engines, bearings, seals, pretty much the same. Painted different colors with different options and different decks (on some years).

Exmark is known for their commercial cut quality and stripe. It was marketed more toward us commercial contractors and the toro was marketed as the "golf course quality" just like every other toro ever produced.

Ask yourself this....
Do I want dark red or bright red?

Got the answer? There ya go. You made your choice between exmark and toro on most models.

I personally am a big Exmark fan. Metro 36" w/kohler was my first commercial and she is still kicking. I would still wait on getting a stander from exmark, toro, or even scag. I would stick with wright stander for the stander mowers for now. Deere also has a reputable and tested stander..... I chose Wright for my new fleet of mowers.
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