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Originally Posted by Dabtro96 View Post
Any thoughts on this price? It's a new machine from a local dealer. All factory 'mandated' updates have been done. Not sure what all of them are but that's what the salesman told me.
Any input is appreciated.
Oh and if it had problems to fix I would worry about it.....

Spend the $400 and get the Exmark if that is the only thing holding you back. You can't really compare "last year's" models to this year or next years model mower. They simply aren't the same.

There was a set of EPA standards that every manufacturer had to meet on the new mowers. My dealer was not concerned with it and neither has any other major LCO in my area making big mower purchases (that I've talked to). IDK about the diesel mowers and tractors though....if it is anything like the diesel light duty trucks I'd be wary.

All handhelds also suffered this change. It was not too bad....all handhelds and mowers need maintenance and if you have a good program previous to the EPA switch, there will be no large change for you. I'd expect worse fuel economy but it would be a tinnnnyyyy change.
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