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Fastrak 20/52 Won't Start (Just Clicks)

In intermittent start problem has unfortunately evolved into a dead mower. Attempted ignition results in the engine light coming on and the fuel solenoid clicking. Besides that, nothing. No noise/life coming from the starter. Previously, I could sometimes walk away and come back minutes later, and all would be good on the first start attempt. Or on rare occasion, a few repeated key turns might would have done the trick. Now there are no tricks that appear to work. Any suggestions?

I am electrically challenged and have not done a thorough checkout of safety switches (seat, levers, etc.). Mechanically they appear to be OK. The battery checks out OK. Charged it anyhow, reaching full charge in under an hour at slow trickle. Research has lead me to believe that the problem most likely centers around the starter solenoid or in a relay. Fuses pass the visual check, but I still plan on replacing them to rule out the possibility that there is something faulty there since they are cheap.

I used to have a Honda Civic hatchback with a bad relay. Very similar symptoms. Might start there... Next, I will disassemble the starter and look for issues. After that, who knows. I'm essentially looking for recommendations. Thanks so much.
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