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Dirtwerks- I love my 323D. Its handled every thing I've thrown at it with flying colors. The cab is another thing I like better then CT332. The CT332 is like sitting in a dark cave compared to the 323D. In second gear you cant really work with it. Just travel forward. Its fast but it will lose power quickly if your pushing dirt. I will say some times I miss the power of the 332. That thing could power through anything. But so far the 323 has been great. No real complaints.

Southern- Thanks! Don't envy me though. Enough older guys envy me and it seems to quickly turn into jealousy. I'v found guys that have never even met me don't like me. I think the only reason why they don't like me is because there threatened for some reason. I'm not doing this to one up people and make people jealous. But hey, all you can do is let it roll of your shoulders and keep plugging away. I like to hear it when young guys start businesses. I almost went to college. Most days I'm glad I didn't. 24 isn't that old you've got plenty of time to grow your company. Good luck too you. Hope you have a good season!
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