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My only problem with this. Is your truck is going to be very long. Also if the last 12' if full of crushed rock, or something heavy, and you only have shovels up front. The truck isn't going to hadle to well down the road. I would suggest 2 of the following.

1. 12' body, and 4 or 8' long storage area. Allowing you to use rack body sides in the storage area. You would still have plenty of room, but a shorter truck. Plus the cost of the truck would be less with the shorter frame.

2. Get an F 650, which holds plenty of weight i have 3 of them now. No need for a class b licence. Get a 12' frame, 12 body, with the money you save get a 16' inclosed storage trailer. This way you can haul plenty of material, take everyhing with you in an inclosed trailer, and not have to worry about stuff getting wet. Leave the trailer on the job sites.

You can get an F 650, with the cat engine and a 6 speed, for around 33 or 34 K with out the body.

I think a shorter truck and a trailer might be the way to go. I also think a F 650 can do all your work for ya. I know a landscaper that dose mostly stone work, and says his F 650 is all he needs.


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