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Originally Posted by Southern Pride View Post
I hear you about the older crowd becoming jealous of you.

I'm nothing like you, but I've experienced a little of that myself. Older, former neighbor of ours (nice guy, but trashy) with kind of a rinky dink lawn company has seen me coming up with legit equipment, truck, trailer, and clients. Not to mention my work is ffaaarrrr superior. (On a leaf job of his I saw he just mulched up the leaves in the lawn, didn't blow the concrete at all. Then he blew all the remaining leaves into the street and far down the street LOL) BUT ANYWAY, point being I have experienced some weird vibes from him and random other companys with older guys I pull up on. It's just kind of sad but in a weird way.

Anyway, keep it up. If you really want to be successful in 2011 trade in those damn fords for the real deal, Chevrolet
I hope we're not like that some day. I'm going to do my best to try not to.
I've toyed with buying a GMC for a pick up truck but ehhh I don't know.
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