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Originally Posted by Dirtwerks View Post
Man you've got all the toys that I'd like to get (landplane). How do like the landplane attachment, I've been looking for one, right now I just use an Loegering eliminater rake on my skidsteer. Do you use the landplane for preparing yards for seeding and sodding or do use something else. I'd like to have a harley rake but their a little pricey and don't think I'd use it enough to jusify one.
So far so good. I haven't done a lawn yet but I have done 2 dirt roads and a horse ring. I just picked it up like last Thursday so I haven't had that may opportunity's to use it. I'v used the eliminator its not bad. My John Deere dealer treats me right so I went and ordered the landplane. Plus I think the eliminator is a little over priced for what you get. The landplane has a hydraulic ripper, 3 cutting edges and screen. A harley rake would be great but yeah its tough to swing 10 Gs for an attachment.
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