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john deere!

Originally Posted by J.Z.Smith Landscaping View Post
Stay with Deere. I don't have any complaints about the 323. Talk to Joe Huber (508) 989-2750. Hes at Schmidt in Plymouth. Have him bring you down a demo. you'll love it. If you went out side at the trade show and looked at the John Deeres he was the guy out there that wouldn't shut up. haha hes a talker. I wouldn't buy a piece of equipment from any one else but him. He actually lives in Brewster. There service department is exceptional also.

I did go to the trade show. I wasn't really impressed with it this year. We didn't spend more then 2 hours there.

Where on the cape are you?
yea i thought the trade show was better last year, and did you go up to the new england grow show in boston? i love that one! yea i love deere, we just had bad time with rf morse they screwed us huge a couple years ago. i think joe is the gentleman my father deals with. yea we just switched to them last year and have not had a problem yet. yea i am out of centerville, i think you are friends or konw of ben whiteley( ratlesnake landscape), i just bought his bobcat x331 excavator and his 6 ton skid steer trailer. and i also just purchased a exmark navigator from coastal rentals. i believe i have seen your blue ford pickup with the dump insert in it around.
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