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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
I just picked up a Grandstand today. I really hope this thing does OK on all of the hills around here. I think I will put off selling my Ferris WB until I am sure. Just from riding around my driveway, it seems like a decent machine. The mower only has 240 hrs. on it. The guy was getting out of the business that sold it to me. He also threw in an acclelerator bag, a Toro cloth bag, the Toro chute blocker, 3 sets of blades and all of the owners manuals. All for $4500.
Sounds like a real good deal, Jeff. I was looking into Grandstands last year, but I didn't want to spend quite that much on a new machine. I ended up saving about $2k with my Snapper. I would like to try one out; if only for curiosity's sake.
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