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Originally Posted by RECESSION PROOF MOWING View Post
I get this question posed to me from time to time about the "bad parts of town". I think it's a public service when you, a citizen of a specific community, broadcast to everyone exactly which parts of town to stay away from. And being a city mowing guy, I know exactly which parts see action, which are ok, which are good. In Kansas's the worst parts in order...

1.) Ruskin Heights. Basically 99th & Blue Ridge Blvd south to about 118th St, east and west about 1 mile radius. This was a tough call because KC has so many inner city ghettos filled with violence and debauchery but for this veteran of the streets...Ruskin wins first place. We've had gunfire right across the street from mowing, constant juvenile delinquents hanging around, even had a dead body flopped on our picnic table when we showed up one morning!'ll love this...a black guy jumped out with a gun and tried to surprise cops in this one Ruskin park only to be shot dead. We showed up next day, blood still splattered on the sidewalk we were trimming...and black women, single moms, were taking pictures with their kids (yes, I know)...taking pictures posing with kids by where the blood splattered on the climbing rock playground equipment. Stay away from Ruskin, especially after dark. When you've hit rock end up in Ruskin.

2.) Northeast KC. Close second to Ruskin but holds onto number two...which is exactly what Northeast is...number two! Independence Ave north and south from the city buildings to 435, north to the river, south to about I-70. Once was the jewel of KC, this melting pot is a stew of crime and absolute poverty, with a healthy dash of putrid rotgut drugdealing. Add to that a horrifying amount of Muslim, Morroccan, Mexican, Section 8 gangbang'in, drug deal'in, whor'in've got Northeast. I wouldn't live in Northeast if you gave me a house free and clear. We've had Mexicans brandish pistols outside of vehicles protecting their territory, mowers stolen, trimmers taken, public sex, bums, vagrants, hobo communes, you name it. Any part of town where you can rent a 3 bedroom house for $ for your life!

3.) to be continued...gotta get some dinner...
We were coming through downtown with a load of fert on the Isuzu. We got detoured off I-70 down in the Prospect, Paseo, Troost area. We got a little turned around down there and couldn't find a way to get back up on the interstate. We were going to ask a friendly face in the area for help, but I had this constant feeling that if you stop you will be jacked.
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