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Customer calls... Where do they live?

I have been in business since 2003. Since 2007, I have had a secretary (my mom) anyways, it is hard to find out where people live when they call in for an estimate. It is very common for my mom to call me and ask if I can service a certain area. She usually tells them she will have to call them back to see if we service their area. I feel that the potential customer may not like the fact that we don't know already that we can service their area. This year I put a map on a tack board and tacked the exact streets that I service then drew a border around each area that I will service. Next to the map, I will have each city and zip code that I service. When they call, we will be able to keep them on the phone (if they have time) and make sure we can service their area.

What do you guys do for this situation? What kind of method do you have set up?
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