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Originally Posted by AAXteriors View Post
I hope so. I'm ready to take my company to the next level. Seeing what J.Davis and others are doing its really lit a fire under my tail for this year. I had been a little depressed about the state of our economy but its really encouraging to see other not only make it but thrive is awesome!
Thanks for the props bud!

We did 3 paver walkways already, nothing spectacular, but work. 225 sq., 110 sq. and 200 sq. for the 3. I'll get pictures up when i go back to the job, whenever that may be.
Plus we had to go back and touch up a few of our jobs from the winter last year, fix the lawn and whatnot, stuff we couldnt do because of the temps around christmas.

Now I just need to find a little time to go buy my trailers and We'll be set.

Good luck this year guys
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