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thanks for the replies.

This is all somewhat hypothetical for me, as I am not sure if I can swing a new f650.

I do need a new truck, and will have to decide on what I am going to want.

For the prices these days, it seems like a f650 is the way to go compared to a smaller 350/450/550. I will not plow with the truck, so 4wd is not a big worry. It seems when you get right down to numbers, the mason dumps end up costing about the same as the single axles do anymore, and yet you get much more truck with the single.

I have thought the trailer idea over and over again, but the problem is I want to be able to trailer a machine around, so bringing a enclosed trailer with equip would be a problem, though it could just be delivered/dropped off in one trip.

I am one who is big on the idea of showing up at a job with everything needed(and then some)in one trip. Efficiency is the key, and getting there with everything is a big deal.

I think the idea of the smaller frame would be right though. 24 would be a bit long, but I like the idea of a 4-6ft storage area in front of the dump body.

I will probably not be thinking of buying the truck til after winter (let it snow) but am working on getting together the set-up that will work for me. Too many guys these days go out, buy a truck, and not think about what they need it to do because they get a hot deal or something.

So, hopefully the wet weather will continue, the snow will fall, and the overtime checks will pour in so that I can buy the right truck for next year.

Just hope it snows, or my 90 dodge will have to push me through another year, and that I am not looking forward too.

Hey Geoff, are you allowed to drive that f650 in NY state? I was told they have diff't weight restrictions, and that I would need the cdl to drive there.

Also, if I begin pulling a trailer with the non-cdl 650, does that then mean I need a cdl. I was told you end up needing the cdl on single axles if you start pulling any kind of trailer. I know I need to look into it, and getting a cdl is something I will have to do sooner or later I guess, but it would be nice to not have the hassle of one for the time being.


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