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I am in Maine. My 16 year old kid can jump in anyone of my 3 F 650s, and drive off with a regular licence. He can't drive one of my L 9000s.

I maine the weight limit is like 26000, the F 650 is 26,000. I have a class A licence trtactor trailer and can drive anything.

I buy F 650s because i have some guys that just don't want to get a Class B licence. Only are very good drivers, so they get the F 650s. However in the winter they drive F 350s or F 550s, the 650 plow trucks are for the guys that drive the class A and B trucks. The 650s just let me get bigger trucks on the road with the same number of guys. Note my summer student employees don't drive anything bigger than a F 350.

I would customise a trailer over a truck. The cost is less, and if the truck is "normal" 12' body 12' frame, it is easier to sell when you want to sell it.

So maybe F 650, 12' frame, 12' body. Regular truck, that you could plow with, works great with a 10' fisher. Then have a trailer builder, build you a equipment trailer say 20, or 22 feet long, The first 4 feet could be an inclosed section, to store your stuff, the last 16 or 18 feet to haul your equipment. You could also make the storage area removable, to haul larger equipment, ie backhoes and exevators. Or just get a 22 foot equipment trailer, and build your own storage section on the trailer.


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