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You could...use the dead grass you just raked out as if it were straw. But plenty of water is easier than straw and cheaper, too. Be sure to use starter fert. Be sure to mow the old grass as short as possible to reduce competition against your new grass. Why is his old grass thin? Fix the cause first. Shade? Burn out? insects? Grubs? Think about the possible problems. put in a top quality elite bluegrass or fescue might be darker green than his present grass--the result--dark green spots. In an overseed situation only a few percent of new grass will successfully "take". Germination is so slow the old grass covers it up and it gets no light. Rye will give you quick results, customer happy, but it may die in heat. Avoid rye if your summer temps exceed 90. If this is a fescue situation, be sure to use a disease resistant variety--to brown patch fungus especially. If the literature does not say resistant to brown patch--it is not. Consider the new LS Varieties (Lateral spread) like Titanium LS.
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