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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
I'll have to post the other pics. I forgot those pics no longer are there!

Thats the infamous radius! This was an existing concrete deck that we demoed and removed. For most of the project we duplicated exactly what was there. No plans were drawn. So there was no radius for us to measure out like there would be if it was a new job from scratch.

The previous deck was in closer to the pool.

Our beloved client was having a bad week. As you can tell by the house, this is an extremely high end client. And when such people are having a bad day/week while you're working there guess who gets the brunt of it!

So they accused me of making the patio smaller! What they did not realize is I shot pictures of the old patio from multiple angles. And I measured certain points and I made notes in my notebook of the measurements. We got in a huge argument! They did NOT shoot before pictures. They swore up and down that I shrank their patio. I got the photos and tried to show them to the Mrs showing her that if anything the patio was larger. She REFUSED to even look at the photos.

So after her and I fighting like brother and sister (she is only a few years older than me) I said "helen, I have no problem making this patio however you want it, I don't like the current shape, I'd much rather make it larger and give it better form, but you need to stop yelling at me and accusing me of things just because you feel like it".

So she started being nice.

We got out the snap edge and her and I layed out the outer perimeter using the snap edge, not using any center points and not measuring anything. Almost all our radiuses on all our jobs are layed out with snap edge over the pavers, then the snap edge is traced with a pencil and pavers are cut.

Even our jobs that are from scratch and have a plan with the center of the radiuses shown are still layed out with snap edge, traced, and cut. But yes, we'll usually put a steel stake in the center and measure out from there and mark the radius. Then we use the snap edge to mark a perfect, clean line.

We do most of our outside cuts with a stationary saw. Only once in a while do we cut with a cutoff. And yes, my guys are good with cut off saws, infact one of them worked at a company for many years that does not even own a real paver saw. I like the results of a table saw better.


same snap edge process here, but we use our regular cut off saw and put a 12" blade on it. the smaller blade does wonders for cutting arcs.
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