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Which Mower

Alright, I started a business a few years ago, then went off to college and got my business degree this past December. Now, I am getting back into the business and want to know what kind of mower I should get. I am going to be mainly doing residential jobs, probably between 1/4 and 1 acre, with at least one that is 2+ acres and a LOT of trimming. I also plan on taking on some commercial properties. My question is, what kind of mower would you all recommend?

Basically, because this is really my first year hitting it with everything I got, would a Husqvarna 54" zero turn and maybe a 34" Ariens WB be ok to start of with. Granted, I really don't have much start up and I have to try to get some clients lined up asap.

So, is a nice mower from Home Depot or Lowes going to get me through for a while with regular maintenance, or should I go another route?

Thanks for any and all advice..
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