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Originally Posted by vencops View Post

Now.......when you start working folks over 40hrs/'re gonna run into trouble.

There was a rash of claims made against employers in the early 90's in the golf profession (club professionals). Clubs used to put the assistant professionals on salary and work them exhorbitant hours.

That's not legal.
I can see your reasoning.. but corporations play by there own roles... that place i worked all the salary people worked at least 45 to 50 hour weeks.. some even more than that, depending on their place in the corporate ladder.. the upper management easily did 12 hr days and sat and sun... all for a 40 hr week salary... that probably equalled $130K + a year .. they expect you to live there.. and it is 100% legal... they say if you dont like it.. then get a new job.. its the benefit of working hourly... we get paid for our OT... doesnt seem fair but neither is this world
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