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Originally Posted by WYtyler View Post
We are considering switching our payscale to a "pay per job" instead of hourly. We have a lot of wasted time and think that if the crew knows what they are getting paid for that particular job, they would buy into more. For example, paying out 20% of total invoice divided among 3 guys. Crew leader gets 8% and the 2 laborers each get 6% (for a total of 20%). That would be there pay. No matter how quick or slow they do it. Any ideas?
Sounds like an idea.

Another idea is hiring people that dont waste time lol.
Seriously, that how the best in my province works, and i work that way too. The 2 guy/2 mowers/1 truck get xx number of adresses on little papers.

Well they need to do them that day, that it thats all, do it, youre paid for it, i expect you to do x per hour.

Your goal, your employees, they HAVE TO execute it, its not an option.

Mcdonald employees NEED to do those hamburgers, not dick around. Same thing here. I'd just fire them.
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