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I came up with about $16,500. But the wholesale prices in NY are way higher then the southern wholesale states. A red sunset here wholesale for the 2.5-3 " cal is $195.00 per tree. Spirea's and boxwoods go for about $22-$25.00. PJM rhody's are about 49.00. So the price will be higher then the south. A yard of soil here installed your looking at $65.00 to 85.00 to buy and install. So all parts of the United States will be different. I buy mine from a wholesale nursery called northern nurseries. They have higher prices, but quality is perfect. You take the shrub out of the container and it stays together, doesn't fall apart. The trees all have numerous white roots and root hairs. I like to give my customer the best quality possible, and I also explain that to them. Proper mulching, proper watering etc all makes a different in selling. Some will want a cheap install and instant look , others will want long term, quality, and added value to there property for real estate reason. So for a $5000.00 project here, with that many shrubs and trees, your getting what you pay for and its not much.
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