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Are you talking about having someone drop 100 yards or what ever and then you reselling that at $8 per yard picked up?? or are you talking about making the mulch by grinding it from raw stumps and other wood and then selling it....

1st if you are talking about having someone drop it... how are you going to load it? ok so you have a small tractor or skid steer... and just bins for a couple of colors... it might cover your costs... maybe.. maybe not... but it might be close on just a non colored, undyed hardwood mulch...

If you are grinding the product yourself.. then your not that close... from the grinder, the loader, etc... just does not seem enough unless you push out 10,000 of yards...

I work for someone who's side biz is a mulch yard... his primary is land clearing... so he takes his own product that someone has paid to have removed, brings it to the mulch yard and grinds it.. then charges it to be picked up or delivered... so he gets paid in and out... nice way to work it....

Just my .02....

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