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Originally Posted by KE-llc View Post
I know who you are you started with a white chevy when you were in college. Good luck getting that amount of clients this're goin to need a really good saleman and he better be able to deal well with the customers....but you probably know all that.

Also maintenance isn't like hardscape/landscape people are always botching about little crap. You're going to need a dedicated guy to manage it all.
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Actually that is incorrect. I went to college, graduated, worked for about 2yrs specifically with high-end residential and then got the Chevy and started my business.

I appreciate the insight but everything is already in order to handle it. Even in a teared effect based on volume. Some call that planning. Maybe I will, maybe I won't but guess what..........I'm trying.

I have no interest in becoming something like TruGreen but look at them. If they did like a lot of people and listened to those saying "you can't" then they would not have. Business is risk and I'm not afraid. I'm also smart enough to position my business to pursue this safely.

BTW, my last boss told me I couldn't too.

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