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Kubota B1700 issues

I bought a kubota B1700 about 6 months ago. A couple weeks into aeration season it shot a rubber plug out from underneath the tractor letting all the hydro tranny fluid out....or what seemed like all. It was a mess!

I got the plug back in and went to kubota to buy some fresh fluid. Only issue is it holds a ton of oil and it calls for Kubota SuperUDT fluid which is $20.00 per gallon. The guy at the parts counter said you HAVE to use this there is no subsitution. Is this true? or just a sales pitch?

Secondly when I first picked up the tractor from the guy I bought it from you showed me how most of the times when you go to start the tractor the starter will just click click click when you turn the key but eventually it will engage and start. I told him its more then likely the starter solonoid has gone bad or possible a bad starter. He "claims" he has already switched both and it didn't fix it.....not sure to beleive that or not? what else could that be?

Lastly I noticed just when I got the tractor home for the first time while climbing up my steep driveway at half throttle you can hear a lot of "gear" type meshing noises coming from the front end (4X4 tractor) it was in 2X4 mode at the time. Im wondering if this is normal to hear kinda like a old chain & sprocket type noise coming from the front end or if thats a sign that something is getting ready to let go in the differential?

Im new to tractors and have no experience with these. Any info would be great thanks.
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