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Originally Posted by GreenIndustryAssociates View Post
As much as don't want to see it happen, I would put money on Obama winning and people would be supid not to. Educated people are going to look at the facts and vote for who they think is the best canidate. The problem is the uneducated will just look at MTV or other Celebrities and vote for Obama because thats who Paris Hilton said to vote for. And the unfortunet thing is there are way to many uneducated registered voters.

In my opinion there should two parts to the voting process. The first part would be a brief test about the views of each canidate and general knowledge aboout the economy, military defence, health care etc... If you score below a predetermined score on the test then your vote shouldn''t count
X2 the only problem is the two party republicans/democrates BOTH need welfare cows / illegal mexicans to vote for them that is why NONE of the last 57 years of US presidents has fixed our porous border!
Then add full grown men that know more about a game somewhere in USA then about People who are in/going to be elected/selected!
Then add the banksters and "offshore" interest in our elections and no wonder its gone to hel! in a hand basket.
If the masses are ignorant thieves can play!
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