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Originally Posted by Hell on Blades View Post
Using a company that does direct mail specific to my area, I paid $0.04 each for a 10k piece mailing. All guaranteed (as good as that is) to owner occupied single family homes. They have a map and I can pick out which zone I'd like to hit. There are discounts for multiple zones and multiple mailings.
can i get this companies name?
If they are doing post card direct mailing, printing and mailing for .04 cents per piece, that is less than 1/9th the cost of adeas.

Where is this company out of? I will purchase 25,000 post cards from them if they can give me that price.

hec, i will purchase 50k post cards and mail 5 times to 10k houses.

That would be only 2,000 dollars and 10k people would see your name 5 TIMES!!!!!!

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