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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
can i get this companies name?
If they are doing post card direct mailing, printing and mailing for .04 cents per piece, that is less than 1/9th the cost of adeas.

Where is this company out of? I will purchase 25,000 post cards from them if they can give me that price.

hec, i will purchase 50k post cards and mail 5 times to 10k houses.

That would be only 2,000 dollars and 10k people would see your name 5 TIMES!!!!!!
What he is doing is just like I am. it is a MAILER. Envelope with coupons and ads inside from a group of businesses that would like to send in your "zone"

You pick where you want it, and you pay for those 10,000 single family home mailers. My cost for 50,000 homes is 3 cents per home.

They claim that they pull out most of the multi residences and businesses as they refine their list.

you will NEVER get direct mail at that price. These companies print in volume, mail in volume, and get good rates for doing it. Some people never see the coupon because they just throw it away as junk mail.

Its a gamble, but im not in the phone book this year.
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