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Selling ad space on truck... Advice

OK, I use one of these...

and I'm adamant about networking so I'm working w/ this CPA on getting my tax situation in order.

Anyway, I ran it by him that I'm thinking about selling advertising space on the side of my truck, just the bottom 18" split into 2. So to give y'all a visual, it'll be one long strip along the bottom that's 18" high and split at the halfway point for 2 ads on each side.

I told him that I went to high school with the guy that has been doing some graphic stuff for me and he's gonna do some business t-shirts for me and that I may give him the other other ad space in exchange for the t-shirts plus the truck graphics.

My question is what would be a fair price for something like this ad for him to pay me? He's already said that he's definitely interested and to just give him a figure. I don't to give him a price that's too high, but honestly I don't know how advertisers figure their prices.

He said that it would have to be on a quarterly basis, so he could pay monthly and he'd want to draft up an agreement, I said perfect. March is the end of the first quarter so I want to be on this!

What y'all think is fair?
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