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Originally Posted by phillie View Post
I think it would work better with some one you sub contract or that subs you out. I think it would be a little weird to pair a graphic design co. with a lco. For instance, if you just do mowing advertise a fert and squirt co. where you have space. Who knows it may open up some sub work also and you make money both ways. Just a thought but I dont think I would pay more than 150-175/month for the space. T-shirts are cheap, wouldnt be a fair trade to you.
I paid $250 for 10 short sleeve, front & back, one color, cotton t-shirts two years ago.

Now I wanna get 10 long sleeve, polyester moisture-wicking, front & back, one color t-shirts... they will run about the same.

Also, FastSigns did an estimate for truck graphics for me and it costs $700 per side and $300 for the rear roll-up door. I don't know exactly what application they were estimating but I told him exactly what I would want on the side, basically same design that's on my business card minus my name and email address.

So, if my buddy does it in exchange for the advertising it would be worth $1400 + $250 for shirts = $1650. That's for a quarter (3 months out of the year). Then I'd prolly do the same thing the next quarter but only with more product, some sweatshirts & jackets to get ready for Fall.
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