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Originally Posted by smoothbore2004 View Post
What we tried one year was to make all our flyers with the same info on it, like MOW, TRIM, Blow off and EDGE sidewalks and drive. Then each color flyer had a different price on it. That way when you go into the high end residential areas you can look at the lawn and pick your price then give them the colored flyer with that price on it. This gives the customer an idea of what your offering and how much and they can compare it to the other company they currently use. Or they might just say to themselves "man thats not a bad price I should give em a call". OR just throw it away, but anyway you get my drift. The red flyers would have $30, the blue flyers would have $40, the green would have $50 and so on. Keep them in your truck and if you pass a lawn you wouldnt mind bidding on then throw them a flyer. NO knocking or bothering the customer this way they can see for themself on there own time. Hope this helps I know it did for us.
I do this same thing - not color coded, but the same idea - pick your lawns
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