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I don't want to go off on a rant hear but.... I spent a few minutes on the website and noticed right away some things that concerned me deeply. I could not find the physical address of landscapepayments. In other words the location of where I could psysically find them. I also couldn't find any-ones full name in the contact area.
Then their is the lack of phone numbers, that makes me wonder if they are registered with the BBB?. They are handling other peoples money are they personally bonded or does the business name hold a insurance bond. The only name anywhere I found on the site is some guy named Jason, Also I could not even find the state that landscapepayments is operating from. Before I would ever ever authorize my clients to pay some guy I don't know named Jason from god knows where, so he can just turn around and pay me a week later after collecting a weeks worth of interest on my thousands of dollars on top of his fees and the monthly statement fee.
it's just me but, I would require a more significant amount of information on them then they are providing. First impressions are key hear especially when we are dealing with large amounts of money. besides all of the above landscapepayments needs to drop the mention of convenience fees. Charging for monthly statements? That is a marketing 101 mistake. Becouse even the mear mention of that is a deal breaker for me I do not want email attachments contain my statements, disclosing that fee openly and freely is diminishing your service and sounds like a cheap money grab to a money savy person like me if you need that amount to cover operations it should be priced right to include it spread across every account you service. Don't get me going on the convenience fees. Convenience fees, well they need to be left to those tiny no name atm machines you see in shady areas of town and scuzzy gas stations. This is just my opinion and should be treated that way....
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