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I don't have a skid steer but do have a small compact utility tractor, a Kubota 2920.

Your going to have to size the tractor for the type of work that it does. Your skidsteer is 49hp. If you went with that sized HP for a tractor your into a fairly big machine. I the Kubota line that would be a M model, which is HUGH compared to that skidsteer.

I'd take the kind of work that you expect it to perform into some of your local tractor dealers and see what they would recommend.

Just to give you a idea of what I have and it's costs, I have a 2920 (29HP) with a loader that will lift about 1100 lbs, a 22HP PTO with access both under the tractor (mid mount mower option) and behind PTO access. I bought with it a 50inch bush hog, a 48 inch tiller and a blade and the whole thing was with 0% financing from Kubota for less then 22K.

Tractors generally are going to be bigger, certainly longer, and will not be as quick in the loader operations. If you do a lot of loader work, I'd recommend a hydrostatic model over a gear, as there is no gear work in loading with a hydro model.

If you have several 3 point hitch attachments and you move between them often, I'd recommend a quick hitch system. They're not terribly expensive and can make trading out implements easy.

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