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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
We have had this conversation over the years, but I think a dirt mag that ran REAL articles on equipment would sell. I mean head to head competitions with real operators, objective testing of machines and not company reps spewing canned dialog. I would see it much like Motor Trend or Car and Driver.

At this point in given the state of the North American dirt market, probably not gonna happen, but I think its time will come. I get every dirt mag rag that I know and they are all largely the same. However this type of mag would be worth reading.
That would be cool, most of the magazines that we have are the free subscription ones like equipment world, equipment today, TCIA, etc....They are all OEM generated adds and they all seem to have "best in class everything" kinda like a car commercial on tv. It would be nice to see some actual companies demo pieces of equipment and then be able to write a review.
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