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Thank you for stating your opinion. Our physical address is stated within the website. It is required by Visa and Mastercard. We are located in the city of Royal Oak, Michigan. Our phone number is listed within the contact page.

LandscapePayments is set up to help you save as much time and money as possible. That is why we openly disclose our pricing structure and allow you to contact us online. There are no names on the site because at LandscapePayments there is not one specific person that can answer your questions or handle your problems. Everyone is trained to handle your requests. However, the one name you do need to know, and why it is listed on the site, is my name...Jason King. As the owner I have built my business on customer service and making sure our clients are satisfied. If the need ever arises and you would like to speak with me direct I try and make myself readily available to speak with our clients.

Charging for statement fees is not a marketing mistake. Every standard merchant will charge for this. There is a cost involved to produce these for you and that is why it is charged. The difference between us and other merchants is we provide this in electronic format for you to easily update your financial records. Other merchants provide this in paper format and will charge you for this as well.

I understand you may not like the convenience fees. but like you, being business men we need to structure our business to make money. We do not make money on you as our client. The transaction fees, as previously mentioned, get passed on to the credit card networks and card issuaing banks. So in order for us to provide you a value based service and keep your costs to the absolute minimum we have passed these costs on to your client.

Your clients, no doubt, are money savvy, like yourself. So let them choose whether they want to pay a convenience fee. If they don't use the service it costs you nothing.

At LandscapePayments we understand that this service is not for certain people, and we respect that. We are simply trying to help lawn and landscape pros grow their business, help increase cash flow, and help educate them about accepting credit cards.
Jason King
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