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Lush Green Lawn,

Please make no mistake in that we are not trying to make other merchants sound like they are running a shady business. There are many very reputable companies out there that can provide you the ability to accept credit cards.

What we are trying to do is give you a different option for accepting payments, and help you understand the differences between LandscapePayments and other companies.

There is a reason your clients hire you to perform the services you offer. In many situations it is simply to save time. If this economy is hurting your clients enough financially, so as to not pay a convenience fee to save time, then there is the possibility they can not afford your service as well. And that is why many companies are experiencing delayed payments, causing you to spend additional money trying to collect on them. Giving your clients the option to use their credit card allows them to finance your services on their terms, or simply allows you to receive your money without having to stop their service, or pursue collection methods.
Jason King
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