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Originally Posted by STL Ponds and Waterfalls View Post
If it's not the price of boulders, fuel, and everything else being skyhigh in the pond industry, now pond liner is getting out of control. Our nation is killing ourselves within raising the cost of everything.
Blame it on the price of oil. Many of the products used in the Water Feature industry are petroleum based, such as EPDM.

How much of an increase did your supplier implement? Of my two main suppliers, one showed no increase and the other showed a $.02 sq/ft increase. Of course, these are not you typical cut-rate on-line sellers.

I have never been able to decipher the pricing policies employed in this business. For example, a pump that I use quite often showed a price increase from the manufacturer this year. The same exact pump from one of their distributors showed a decrease in price from last year. Go figure!!
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