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Ear protection/listening to music

Recently I have been looking for headphones that I can wear that will help cut out some of the noise of mowers, blowers, trimmers etc. As many of you know most of the earbud systems do not block out the ambient noises therefore you have to turn the volume up pretty high. It only adds to the noise of the equipment and just makes it all worse. I don't like the big earmuffs...even the kind with the radio's built in. I have tried using my in ear monitors that I use when I play guitar and sing at shows but these too fall short. Other than having to turn the volume way up all the headphone systems seem to fall out at some point due to the constant movement or the massive amount of sweat.

To make a long story short, I have found a company called earfuze (ear Fuzz). I learned about these by searching for custom molded in ear monitors. Most of the reviews online come from motorcycle riders. They said that these do a great job of canceling out the wind noise and the roar of the motorcycle pretty well. I have just ordered a pair today (3.20.11) so I am guessing that they will be here mid week to the end of the week.

I spent all day on saturday with a blower strapped to my back and head phones blasting in my ears... Saturday evening my ears were sore from the bulk of the iPhone headphones and the volume of the blower and music became overwhelming. I will keep you all posted and let you know what I think.
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