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c2weech: I'm a little late coming to this discussion (been away).
Concerning TruGreen et al: Yes they have dry organic apps available and have test-marketed them. But at this time, IMO, they have a good thing going with the synthetics and fungicides and herbicides, etc. So as a money-makin' corporation, they have no reason to push organics. They have them if some "idiot" (in TRUgreen's thinking) wants to pay them three times more than one of their synthetic apps.

There are some of our group who have yet to post on this thread.
Some, in fact, use the various ingredients in what you are calling "organic" fertilizers even though in the long-term those ingredients would be termed unsustainable. I occasionally use soybean meal which is readily available and cheap for me. Am I stealing from cattle or pigs? I don't think so. But my core application is compost (yard waste with some manures) and composted poultry manure and maybe a wet application of molasses during the season.
There is also an ethanol plant nearby and I may look into what they do with their distillers grain.

So, c2weech, these are some other things for you to think about.
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