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Originally Posted by gryd View Post
My Craftsman Chainsaw is dead. It was never very reliable anyway. I'm looking for a 14 inch light duty saw of reasonable quality. My local dealer has an Echo cs-310 and a Stihl ms-180. Both 14 inch and priced around 200. Echo has a 5 year warranty and reportedly starts real nice. Stihl has only a 1 year warranty but is known as the "King of Saws". Ease of use is very important to me. Any recommendations?
What is your budget? Are you cutting hard or soft wood and how large of a diameter in general? Light duty might mean different things to different people. Echo's saws have never impressed me. Slow cutting and heavy for what you get imo. With their parent company now owning Shindaiwa I hope Echo incorporates some of Shindaiwas designs. I would look at Stihl, Husqvarna (their XP series) and, if you have a dealer near by, Dolmar. The last are well built saws which suffer only from a lack of marketing and distribution. I would look hard at Dolmar they provide excellent quality at a good price point and this is from someone who owns three Stihl saws.

Also remember to always use your PPE. Do not think that a smaller displacement saw is any less dangerous because it is labeled "home owner".
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