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Thanks tenndigger.....

I have not been around the redboss spades. I sent off for a catalog of red boss products and from the pictures in the catalog, they do just look like a red dutchman

Yea, blue has a following here too... but the loyalty is loosing ground as blue is being replaced by yellow by alot of farms around. Myself, I have not even bothered to look at the newer caretrees. When it comes time for a spade purchase, probably be a dutchman.

So, I guess my thoughts on an erskine spade so as to not hijack the thread totally.... would be to shy away and look for a good used dutchman or another better known brand.

BUT.... if you are only digging 20-50 trees a year, erskine might just do. My experience has only been in higher volume digging, 50 to 100 trees a day with a experienced, dedicated crew. And knowing what it takes just to do that, you have enough problems with weather alone to get everything dug in the SHORT time frame not having to battle busted rigging.....
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