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wht a day. phone has not stopped ringing. if things even stay at 30% of what its going rightnow. i may be able to go back to lawn and landscape fulltime for the 2012 season.

have 4 skidsteer jobs lined up. about 4 cleanups. ahve to turn my bid in for a HOA(90% chance of landing it) and have to finish working up a bid for an apartment complex that is only 5 blocks from my house(would have 3 part timers work with me on the complex one day a week if i land it)

here is a pic of my first ztr. still kickin. bought some new blades for it today. i use to mow vacant lots and overgrown stuff its New Holland

a pic of my Mustang skidsteer.

and the color im painting my open trailer. My company colors are red/white/blue

also my new post card i designed
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