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I don't know what to title this. How bout 'Home Owner Humor'?

I've been itching to post these e-mails, but I've held off until I knew for certain that we are NOT doing the work

I had some folks call about a nice, lead walk. Your traditional tract home, not small, not huge, just your traditional modern day tract home.

So I met with them. Went over everything. The meeting went real well. The client did NOT say or do anything at the initial meeting to throw ANY red flags. This is a prime example of how "pre-qualifying" is not fool proof, when dealing with the public - you can NOT engineer life.

Here is the first e-mail followed by an attachment of his spread sheet that he made for me! I had to convert the spread sheet to two pages. Keep in mind, as anyone here that knows me - I am VERY detail oriented when it comes to my proposals and designs!

Read everything over. The first person to observe where this man's mindset is - will receive a copy of the recipe for my Grandma Helen's Peanut Butter Pie!

Mr. Andrew Hardscape,

We’ve looked over your proposal had a few requests. We were hoping for a little bit more detail on what was included, what’s not included etc. For example, does your cost include the removal of shrubs, or what are the specific dimensions of the work to be done, can you add the cost of adding the low voltage lighting, etc. We might have to add or subtract certain aspects of the job depending on the overall price, but we wanted a list of options and the related costs so we could pick and choose. We really liked your ideas and enthusiasm, and we hope we’re able to do business with you.

I’ve added a spreadsheet that we were hoping you could complete to give us a feel for how much each of the individual jobs should cost (+markup). It’s pretty straight forward. Basically, if you know the square footage of the individual project and you know the cost of your material, labor and overhead then this shouldn’t be too difficult. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance for your time,
Joe & Donna

Click Link to see the spread sheet! And umm......Yard guys turned Hardscaping Newbies - sorry, but this spreadsheet isn't what you use to cost a job out
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