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so what in his head was a fair price?

Its about as bad as the estimate i had the other day, lady say straight up i am a bargin hunter and want the cheapest she can get, i said thanks and walked away......

Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Here is his e-mail he sent 1st thing yesterday morning!

Hi Mr Andrew Hardscape,

Thanks for the information. Iím not sure if you had seen the spreadsheet that I had laid out for you to capture the costs, but either way, I can give you my thoughts on the information that youíve written below.

Iím having a hard time reconciling the quote that youíve provided versus what a fair or reasonable price would be. I understand that youíre a ďfor-profitĒ business, and perhaps thereís such a demand for your services that it necessitates a premium price. However, based on my math and the research that Iíve done, a more reasonable price would be lower, while still allowing you to maintain a healthy bottom line. Using the walkway (without a stoop), the area is about 112 sq ft, plus a 10% scrap factor, which totals about 123 sq.ft. A pallet (120 sq.ft.) of Belgardís Holland Stone is about a$283.97 + 6% tax + delivery (contractor price). Letís call the pavers $350, all in. The CR-8 is about $49/ cu.yd. (2,700 lbs), so thatíll cost about $126.00+6%+delivery. Letís call the CR-8 $165, all in. Add sand & Polyomer (grout) for about $150 delivered. The labor to tear up the old sidewalk and put in a new one is about 3 days with about 2 labors at $20/hour (fully loaded) at 8 hours a day. This works out to about $1,000 (rounded up). The haul off of the old material is about $200. The sum of these costs so far is about $1,865.

Your overhead costs, such as rental of any equipment (assuming that you donít already have it), fuel, debt financing etc. would only be a guess. So, the difference between the $1,865 and the $4,200 that you quoted is spread between profit and overhead. Again, I want you to make a profit, but it seems that your price are exceedingly high. I think my estimates are pretty close, and Iíve confirmed the labor information with other contractors.

If you have better numbers to share with us, weíll be more than willing to listen. If youíre firm with these numbers, that Iíll have to thank you for your time.

Joe B-------

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